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Are You Helping to Sell the House Down the Street?

June 10, 2009

Are You Helping Sell the House Down the Street?

Your listing started off well. You held opened houses, there were even a few people who came by and saw the house – but no offers yet… You advertised, held a few more open houses, maybe even dropped the asking price; but there is little interest. Right now you are probably asking yourself, “Why aren’t people coming to view the house?” OR you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s, “Just the market….”

Here are a few things to consider:
1) If your home had lots of activity to begin with, you’re price may have been right – but if there are no offers, then they didn’t like what they saw and moved onto the next house.

2) Even at the right price, how is the home viewed via the internet? The NAR released that OVER 87% of Home Buyers today, “shop” the internet and narrow down their list of “must see” homes simply by how the home is presented on the Internet.

3) The more pictures the better, the most appealing pictures always win out for the “must see” list.

For example: Which would you prefer? These two homes were listed in the same high end area, comparable number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage. The first home is actualy priced LOWER than the second home by almost $50,000!  Yet the second home was professionally Staged by Platinum Home Staging, Inc. and SOLD just 3 weeks from the date of listing for full price! (closing escrow on June 12, 2009)







SOLD in 3 weeks!


If you were a buyer, which would YOU prefer?   Which home, when all things being comparable, would YOU want to “go see” in person?

By NOT Staging your home or listing, you may very well be helping sell the listing down the street. Call us today for your FREE Home Staging Estimate! (805) 553~9952
Platinum Home Staging, Inc.

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