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Realtors: Are You Having Trouble Getting Your Sellers to “De-Clutter”

June 30, 2009

You have a listing that is full of furniture, collectables, books / magazines, CD’s, pet beds, etc. and you’ve asked the Home Owners to “de-clutter”. 

The problem is, you don’t want to offend your client, yet they can’t seem to grasp the idea of cleaning, packing and beginning the process of moving.

The Eye Gets Used to what it Sees Every Day!

The Eye Gets Used to what it Sees Every Day!

The real problem is that 90% of sellers cannot differentiate what is clutter and what is not; the eye becomes used to what it looks at every day. What’s worse, how many times have you asked to remove furniture or “start packing” only to come back upon your next visit to find the garage now overflowing?

Here is where Platinum Home Staging, Inc. can REALLY

be a valuable tool and asset to make your job as the LREA that much easier.   

As an unbiased third party, we will professionally and tactfully walk your home owners through every room of the home and give them a detailed list of items or upgrades to consider and address, as well as a piece by piece “what stays” and “what goes” – and even better – WE  HAVE  A  PLACE  FOR  IT  TO GO TO!!!

Platinum Home Staging, Inc. has partnered with Casino Self Storage, but it is not “self service”.  We have negotiated not only special monthly rates, but a FREE  MOVING TRUCK  & DRIVER  to pick up the Home Owners belongings and place them into a storage unit for them.  Monthly rates are VERY reasonable.  The facilities include: 

· 100%  Temperature and Climate Controlled units

· 24 hour camera surveillance

· Gated entry w/ personal key entry unique to each tenant

· Low move-in rates

• Did we mention a FREE MOVING TRUCK  &  DRIVER from the home to the storage unit?!


PHS, Inc. is also offering discounted rates to the LREA’s if you are paying for the Staging Services (which are TAX DEDUCTABLE) as well as extremely reasonable Staging rates for Home Owners as well.

To take advantage of this fabulous partnership, or just to get more information contact:
Connie Tebyani
Platinum Home Staging, Inc.
(805) 553-9952

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