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High Design on a Small(er) Budget

November 12, 2009

Just because a store sells a great chair, doesn’t mean you have to “take-it-or-leave-leave-it”.  Unless you have an unlimited budget to decorate your home, you need to look at cost effective ways to buy new furniture but give it that high end, custom look.

Pottery Barn Montego Dining Set

For example, Platinum Home Staging, Inc.  is working on a current project for a Single Dad.  Just finishing a remodel of his home he needed a few key pieces but didn’t want to have that “bought straight off the showroom floor” look.  He REALLY liked the Montego Dining Set from Pottery Barn   (pictured above) for his formal dining room. It’s made of solid wood (NOT veneers) and will hold up to the demands of his three kids and their friends as well as holiday gatherings.  However, they were only available in a rush woven or wood seat. The only pads available were simple tie back pads, which were too casual for a formal dining room.  What’s more, is that this is a Spanish style remodel, but the Owner was not fond of the basic reds and golds typical of Spanish design.  (not that these colors are correct, they are just “typical”) Our Design Professionals were able to come up with a solution.

Since Platinum Home Staging, Inc. is the Preferred Interior Design Company for Pottery Barn in Southern CA, our Designers were able to get the best of both worlds.  Seamlessly blending the Montego Dining Set, we found some amazing fabrics in deep coffees, blues and a touch of gold.  By having the seat upholstered in this fabric, rather than leaving them with the plain wood seat, it gives his formal dining room a custom look at a fraction of the cost.  To pull the room together, decorative panels with wrought iron hardware were added to the edges of the bay window to add softness, color and a little drama.

Call Pottery Barn in Thousand Oaks, CA for more details about how you can benefit from the Pottery Barn Interior Design Program at (805) 373-6501

Custom Upholstery and Draperies at a fraction of "custom" cost

Custom Upholstery and Draperies at a fraction of "custom" cost


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