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A “Custom Home” Can Still be a “Hard Sale”

November 14, 2009
Brick Facade in a Custom Home

Brick Facade in a Custom Home

“Custom” seems to be a buzz word when selling a home in any market; “Custom Home”,  “Custom Finishes” or Custom Designed….  Usually this means, “Not a tract home that looks like every third house on the street“, however it can also mean, “Designed for a specific taste, which you may love…or not“.   Builders like to add those one-of-a-kind touches to their properties to give it that WOW factor, to set them apart and make them memorable.  This can definitely work for them, and sometimes against them when selling the home.

If you were a Buyer and saw the picture above, would you know that it was the main dining room?  How would YOU feel about it?  Would you consider setting up an appointment to go see the rest of the house, or would this be a “deal breaker”?  In the Interior Design world this would be a LOVELY addition to a home, and personally one that I got very excited about.  However, when stepping back and looking at it with an unbiased eye, it may be very over powering to most buyers and they would not know what to do with such an architectural feature.


Custom Staged Dining Room, by Platinum Home Staging, Inc.

Custom Staged Dining Room, by Platinum Home Staging, Inc.

Platinum Home Staging, Inc. was called to Stage this new construction home in Thousand Oaks, CA.  Warming up the space was key and balancing out the heaviness of the brick was a huge factor.  By bringing in a smaller scale buffet it brings the scale of the room down a little.  Placing a large mirror over the buffet brightens the room, reflects the pendant lighting and the amazing views from the opposite end of the room.  The mirror also lightens the space by adding sparkle and shine against the heaviness of the brick.  A beautiful dining set, cornucopia styled center piece and earthy floral arrangements finish off the room.

Now as a Buyer, would you want to come see this house?  Contact Platinum Home Staging, Inc. for more details and contact information of this property.

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