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Now That The House Has Been Staged, What If We Want To Buy EVERYTHING?

November 19, 2009

Staged by Platinum Home Staging, Inc.

This is something our clients ask us quite frequently at Platinum Home Staging, Inc. and a service that we can always accomodate.  Even more often we are asked, “Our Buyers are interested in purchasing items from your Staging inventory…”  and even more often we are hearing, “Our Buyers want to know how much the house will be fully furnished.” 

Platinum Home Staging, Inc. doesn’t just place furniture in empty rooms, our Professional transform the spaces into inviting HOMES that Buyers remember. Routinely, potential Buyers will return to our Staged homes multiple times when viewing homes and that is what we, and our Clients, want!  It is our impeccable Staging that has brought in multiple offers to properties in THIS economy, helping to fetch the highest comparative comp sales in their neighborhoods.*   Becoming even more common is that since Platinum Home Staging, Inc. brings in only top quality, high-end furnishings and accessories into the homes; Buyers and Sellers often times are interested in purchasing individual pieces or the entire home as Staged.  A service which we gladly provide as Platinum Home Staging, Inc. is also the ONLY Preferred Interior Design Company in Southern CA that is endorsed by Pottery Barn.

Platinum Home Staging, Inc.

To schedule your FREE Home Staging Estimate and to meet our Home Staging Professionals, call us today at (805) 553-9952, or click here to submit a request on-line.

*Based on a Thousand Oaks home Staged by Platinum Home Staging, Inc. in May 2009.  Opened escrow with multiple offers and closed escrow with the highest comparative comp sale in it neighborhood at $1,050,000

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