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Home Staging and the Generic Can of Beer

November 24, 2009

You’re thirsty, you want something cold and you decide to hit the local store and grab yourself a drink. You turn the down the aisle and find a wall of seemingly hundreds of different choices from water to juice drinks to wine and beer, in this case, you opt for the beer.  But is this the first one you grab? Sure it’s cheap, probably gets you the same results, but does it taste good? 

So you look a little further, and actually take a step back and survey the entire isle. You suddenly feel overwhelmed by the vast array of choices offered up for your choosing.  Everything from light to dark; inexpensive to over priced; brand new to classic; boring to bold.  So you sit, and you ponder a while, “Do I spend the money and get what I REALLY want, or do I settle for just ‘any-old-beer’ because it gets the same results?”  Nope, you spend the money and get what you really want.

What you really want, is the one you remember.  The one you saw on TV or on-line that implanted images of bright cheerful memories, warmth, comfort and nary a worry to be had. You reached for the one that left you feeling good about your purchase.  Sure, the dingy, peeling white label of the generic can of beer would have given you the same results, but you reached for the one that was already cold and you knew would not take much effort to enjoy other than to open it up.

Marketing companies spend MILLIONS of dollars every year to convince you that their beer is the best beer. They spend MILLIONS of dollars, man hours and time on product development and placement.  What colors will be most impactful and memorable to their target consumer and buyer. 

We’re talking about $2.00 bottles and cans of beer… 

  • Why then, would you not take this same marketing approach and passion when selling a $500,000 home? 
  • Why then, you would think that buyers should simply “be able to look past” all your dirt, clutter and sofa in the dining room. 
  • Why then, would you think that YOUR house would stand out or be memorable when buyers are turning down that aisle and are being overwhelmed by the hundreds of houses that are available to them in your same price range?
  • Why then, would you NOT want to spend a few dollars and make sure that your home IS the most memorable house on the market?

Call us, we’ll be happy to help you prepare your home and package it to appeal to the buyers in YOUR target market.  Platinum Home Staging, Inc. (818) 878-9936

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  1. November 28, 2009 4:47 pm

    I enjoyed reading the blog and the pictures say it all.

    I went to an open house last week and I could NOT believe my eyes: dirty sinks, unmade beds, and clutter. I was even more shocked, when I checked the listing on the web and saw that the photographs showed the house in the same way.

    Homes with these conditions, even if not as bad at this one, will stay in the market for a long, long time and the price will be reduced over and over. Buyers can’t look past these problems.

    Staging at any level is an investment and not just an expense.

    Shirin Sarikhani, ASP
    Seattle Staged To Sell

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