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A MASSIVE Kitchen Remodel…

December 23, 2009

OK, maybe more along the lines of a major demolition, this post is concurrent with previous blogs Do You Wanna Shag, Baby?  and From Pepto-Pink to Classic Cool .  This Westwood, CA bungalow went through a major overhaul in the past few weeks and this is definitely one of the BEST rooms of the transformation – the now eat-in kitchen. 

Original Kitchen

Original Kitchen


Original Dining Room

Original Dining Room


This was the 1950’s/60’s  kitchen before which had NEVER been touched since the home was built. Barely big enough for one person to stand, let alone cook. As seen through this picture, modern appliances such as a stove and dishwasher were added, but jutted out past the narrow counter tops; as did the washer and drier past the dividing wall to the once called “mud room“.  The dining room was papered with orange, velvet flocked wall paper and the same green shag carpeting that ran throughout the house. ( Just imagine what lived in THAT! ) 


Platinum Home Staging, Inc.

Platinum Home Staging, Inc.


Platinum Home Staging, Inc.

Platinum Home Staging, Inc.


The wall between the dining room and kitchen came down on the first day after closing escrow.  This greatly expanded the feeling of the house and now made the floor plan flow to be able to accomodate a new LARGE kitchen island.  Still able to fit a full size dining room table for 6, there is plenty of room to add the expansion leaves to accomodate up to 8.  As well, the kitchen island can seat up to 3 more guests (for those visiting nieces and nephews during the holidays) or just to sit down and join in the festive cooking.  A window seat with storage was added to the kitchen nook for even more seating as the original windows are only 24″ from the finished floor. 

To add a little contrast, the center island was done in a more expensive beautiful, marble to accent the basic granite that was installed on the remaining counter tops.  This allowed for an expensive feel without breaking the bank.  The Woman of the House says THIS is her favorite spot of the house.


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