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“Staging” Outdoor Patios

February 10, 2010

What many people don’t know is that Professional Home Stagers also make GREAT Interior Designers….or in this case, Patio Designers.  A couple weeks ago our company did an installation in Studio City, CA for a high priced office complex, however the Roof Top Deck was far from attractive to fetch new Clients to fill any vacancies.

The furniture was initially purchased by another “designer” at the lowest cost.  The base furniture and sectional items were covered in a simple, white muslin fabric. However the office complex is located just blocks off of a major freeway so DUST and DIRT are huge issues. The white muslin which comes as a “standard” fabric on most out door furniture pieces just didn’t last long.  This inexpensive fabric has zero UV protection and is not made for constant outdoor useage and direct sunlight.  Essentially what ended up happening within a short perios of time was all of the foam in the cushions on the roof top deck disintegrated.

     Roof Top Deck Before

AFTER! and here’s the kicker: 

We didn’t add ONE piece of furniture to this area!  What we DID add were 3 large area rugs to anchor and deffine each space, rearranged the furniture to be more inviting and cohesive, a few accessories and of course all new cushions and upholstery in a bright, fun ALL-WEATHER fabric. (mouse over images to get more information on each)

Rooftop Patio After Platinum Home Staging, Inc.     Sitting Area #1 : Inviting, Beautiful, Chic

Sitting Area #2 : Relaxing & Fun, yet there are more private nooks in the far corners.     Sitting Area #3 : LUNCH! Looking back on the roof top entrance & lunch area.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a Platinum Home Staging, Inc. Design Representative, please click herePlatinum Home Staging, Inc. is currently the only Preferred Interior Design Company endorsed by Pottery Barn in Southern CA.

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