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A Simple Home Staging Re-Design Saved this Client $$$

February 26, 2010

Everything "fits", but nothing "works"

Everything “fits”, but nothing “works”

Platinum Home Staging, Inc. was contacted by this Client to come and evaluate her current furniture situation.  The problem was, that ALL of the furniture was BRAND NEW!  That’s right, it had just been purchased within the past few months.  The problem was that she had trusted another Interior designer who had selected pieces that were far too large for the space.  Once the Interior Designer realized her error, she essentially disappeared leaving the Home Owner to fend for herself to try to make everything “work” or “fit” into the space.As you can see,  the Home Owner just put everything where she thought that it would “fit” into the space, but as you can see nothing here “works”.  She was ready to buy ALL NEW  furniture a second time just so that she could actually live in her own home.

 Re-Designed to Perfection

Re-Designed to Perfection

 Our professionals were able to see past the large scale furniture, rearranged the pieces to make them functional and saved her from wasting potentially thousands of dollars on her previous purchases. Pulling just 1 set of tables from an adjacent room and 2 lamps which were in a closet; this room to now beautiful, inviting and FUNCTIONAL.  This Home Owner was thrilled: Mission Accomplished!


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