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Sellers, Have YOU Checked to See How Your Home is Being Presented?

March 4, 2010
"Warm, Cozy, Traditional"

"Warm, Cozy, Traditional"

Warm, Cozy, Traditional”  These may be just a few descriptive words that come to mind when looking at the listing picture above. Showing a brick fireplace and neutral carpeting, anyone who views this home on the marketing materials or Internet may definitely be drawn in if this is what they were looking for when buying a home. So imagine the shocker it may be when scheduling a tour appointment, entering the home and seeing  THIS:

Yep, same house. Can't you tell?

Yep, same house. Can't you tell?

Painted brick fireplace and concrete floors is hardly what a Buyer would expect to see upon entering when they viewed the first picture on the Internet. However after being on the market for over 18 months (and a divorce situation where the spouse took all the furniture) they decided to “change things up a bit” and has been in THIS current state for the LAST 18 months!  Yes, this home has been on the market for nearly 3 YEARS!!! The problems with this scenario is that 1) it no longer looks ANYTHING like the home pictured in marketing 2) the home went from “Traditional” to “Transitional Craftsman” 3) there is nearly zero furniture in the house to show how the awkward floor plan can now be used, which desperately screems for the services of a Professional Home Stager.

This is a perfect example of  “Christmas in July” when it comes to Real Estate marketing. You’ve seen it before: Internet pictures or marketing of homes in July which still prominently display the Christmas Tree in the living room. As a Seller you need to be AWARE of how your home is being marketed to potential Buyers. LOOK at your home’s on-line presence and request that your Realtor take NEW pictures if the current ones are grossly outdated.

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