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5 Reasons to Stage Your Los Angeles Home Under $500,000

April 4, 2010

Something we often hear from Sellers, Realtors, Developers and “Flippers”  is that it’s not worth the small investment to Stage Homes under $500,000 in the Southern CA area.  Here are five reasons why it IS a smart investment and ultimately why ALL homes can benefit from Professional Home Staging: 

1) First-Time Buyers: The majority of the people looking to buy homes under $500,000 are First-Time Buyers.  They are excited, they are scared, they want to make sure they get the MOST for their money because after all, it’s a BIG investment and they want to make sure that they are making the right decision when buying their first house.  Since the majority of the demographic coming to tour your home is going to be the First-Time Buyer  your home needs to be marketed towards THEM.  Staging your home to its fullest potential and highlighting selling points such as built ins, wood floors or a great garden view will help them remember YOUR home when they are visiting EVERY house in that market.  

Home Staging Santa Monica

Home Staging Santa Monica

2) Size and Scale:  Are there bedrooms in your house that contain two HUGE armoires, a dresser, two night stands and a Queen size bed?  Typically homes that are listed under $500,000 have smaller bedrooms and rooms filled to the brim with large-scale furniture will actually make even a large room feel claustrophobic.  Professional Home Stagers can help alleviate the congestion and bring the room back to its original size and scale.  In Vacant properties, Professional Home Staging can actually make a very small room feel large and roomy.  The ENTIRE square footage of the Santa Monica bungalow shown above is LESS than 700 square feet ~ You would never know it or feel it looking at this picture or entering this living area.  (This Bungalow sold in 13 DAYS while 2 others just steps away have been on the market for months! – March 2010)

3) Awkward Floor Plans:  Often times Developers of smaller homes or condos are trying to maximize every square foot possible for marketing, while flippers may often times remove existing walls to create a more “open” feel; both resulting in awkward floor plans.  Small rooms, “bump outs”, lofts or oddly placed windows may leave Buyers guessing and confused.  Staging can help define the area in question, while high-lighting other great features of the space ultimately making it feel cohesive, not awkward.  


First Impressions are Everything!

First Impressions are Everything!

4) First Impressions are EVERYTHING:  The NAR (National Association of Realtors) announced in 2009 that over 87% of all Buyers shop for homes on the Internet and will literally “write-off” your home with a simple click of a mouse if it does not catch their eye in how the home is presented in those few on-line pictures.  Make sure that first impression is a memorable one and that they will  WANT to come see your home personally.   

Warm, Inviting, Memorable

Warm, Inviting, Memorable

5) “The right price will bring your home interest; Staging it will bring offers.” – Gary Keller, Keller Williams.     All things be equal: price, location, square footage, number of rooms and bedrooms, etc  the price will bring interest to your home; but Staging is what will bring in offers.   When touring houses, Buyers make a snap decision within the first ten seconds upon entering your home.  “Is it clean?”, “Is it inviting?”, “Is it maintained?”   but most importantly, “Can I see myself living here?”  That FIRST impression is what will make your house stand out among the homes that Buyers are touring.  You may very well be helping to sell the house down the street by NOT Staging your home. (Home Staging featured in the above before and after pictures helped get this  Agoura home SOLD in 11 DAYS! – April 2010)

If you are located in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas and ready to sell your home or listing, contact Platinum Home Staging, Inc. for your free Home Staging estimate. (805) 553-9952

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  1. April 6, 2010 9:30 am

    Hi Connie,
    Terrific article. You are so great about doing online press releases, etc – not to mention you are very talented in decorating and staging. Thanks for the inspiration!

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