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Carpet Dyeing….Our Experience

May 1, 2010

I have to be honest that I was quite impressed when My Company was called in to do a Home Staging Consultation in Thousand Oaks, CA.  The owner was very pleasant and hung on our every suggestion in how to properly prepare the home for sale.

Dieing to save a few bucks by dyeing your carpets?

One thing that we spoke about at length was their carpeting.  It was a VERY FADED rosy pink that had been installed in 1995.  There were no “stains”, the nap was still very good, but it was so faded in areas that were not even close to a window that I suggested they call the manufacturer and inquire about the warranty.  SO initially we spoke about replacing it, which she was ready to do – even so much so as to invest in wood.  So we typed up our Home Staging Consultation and followed up with them a little more than a week before we were ready to Stage their Thousand Oaks home.

At this next meeting, the Owner explained that they were NOT going to change the carpeting; but that instead they had found a company that was going to DYE the carpeting back to its original color.  (I cringed a bit here, because the original color was VERY PINK)  But honestly I was also quite intrigued thinking, “This might be a great opportunity and service to add to my bag of tricks as a Home Stager.”  We were actually excited to see how it would turn out!

The Owner explained that this Company said they could do the entire house for about $1,600 in one day, that there would be no color transfer (they have a white couch) and that it would be dry in 24 hours! WOW!  Note: they could not CHANGE the color of the carpeting, just bring it back to it’s original color. (darn!)

On the morning we were scheduled to arrive and work our Home Staging magic on this lovely Thousand Oaks home we were greeted by the smell of dirty diapers.  Note: the youngest person in the home was 28.

Long story short: 

  • The carpeting was STILL WET almost 5 days after it had been dyed!  What happened to 24 hours?!?! And since the Owners were told it would be DRY in 24 hours, they had replaced all of their furniture back into the rooms withOUT properly protected the rugs with foam or plastic risers – thus rust developed under table legs and color transferred from wood and decorative baskets essentially ruining the very carpeting they were dieing to save.
  • There was no color transfer (we tested it with a dry white cloth) but the stain was very blotchy.
  • You could still see where the area rugs USED to be, even though they were no longer there.  I guess protected carpeting takes the dye differently then exposed areas?
  • There was pink over-spray on areas such as fireplace hearths and base boards that we were not able to remove with ALL of our little cleaning tricks.
  • Even though when we entered, every window and door of the house was open and had been since the day it process was done; it was not drying and the entire house was beginning to smell of mildew (dirty diapers) since the carpeting had been DRENCHED apparently during the DYEING process.  (I had knelt down to steam a bed skirt and when I got up, the knees on my pants were WET.  In other rooms where the carpeting transitioned to tile, we had to place a towel on the tile because our shoes would then slip from being WET.)

We proceeded with our Home Staging and the Owners were VERY pleased with how everything turned out.  However I did tell these Home Owners to call whatever Company it was that they had used and inquire about the Company’s Insurance Policy as they were NOT going to be able to sell their home with this smell (never mind the color).

If you are in the Thousand Oaks, Ventura County or Los Angeles County areas and getting ready to sell your home; call the Home Staging Professionals that are also the ONLY Interior Design Company endorsed by Pottery Barn for your FREE Home Staging Estimate. (805) 553~9952

Proud RESA-Pro Home Stager

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  1. May 2, 2010 5:44 pm

    Thanks for posting this story. Too bad it didn’t have a happier outcome.
    Many years ago I heard of a homeowner who successfully bleached an olive green hardtwist to beige with a solution in a carpet cleaning machine. I didn’t see it personally so can’t testify as to whether it was an even colour.

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