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Price Will Bring Your Home Interest; but STAGING it will Bring in OFFERS!

May 25, 2010

NAR Released that over 87% of today’s Home Buyers first “shop” the internet, or narrow down their “list” of properties to view in person, solely by how a home is marketed and perceived on the Internet by number and quality of the photographs of the home. But did you also know:

That only 10% of Potential Buyers can envision the home’s true potential?


Is THIS how your home is being viewed on the Internet?  Wouldn’t you rather it look like this?


What is this room for? Don’t leave Buyer’s guessing.

Platinum Home Staging, Inc.    

Awkward floor plans, what to do?  Staging sets it all straight.

Platinum Home Staging, Inc     Platinum Home Staging, Inc

Small spaces can scare away Buyers – Staging sizes up the room.

Platinum Home Staging, Inc.    

Staging can also make the best of what you HAVE ~ breathing new life with the services of professional Home Staging.

Platinum Home Staging, Inc     Platinum Home Staging, Inc

Platinum Home Staging, Inc.  ~ (805) 553 – 9952

Trust the Home Staging Company that has been Staging homes for over 9 years: Fully licenced & insured

Platinum Home Staging, Inc is currently the ONLY Interior Design Company endorsed by Pottery Barn in Southern CA.

Contact us TODAY for your FREE Home Staging estimate!

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