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Be a “SMART” Home Seller by Staging Your Home

June 3, 2010

Recently my Company was called by a Home Owner who is thinking of placing her Santa Monica Townhome on the market for sale in the next few months and was inquiring as to the services we could provide for her.  These Home Owners actually live out of State and the unit is currently a income rental property, so they needed to find a Home Staging Company that could handle everything for them since they were at such a distance.

I explained the process of how we can handle all repairs and upgrades such as painting, refinishing floors, lighting selections and installation as well as how Platinum Home Staging, Inc. is fully Insured and that we only work with reputable, also fully Insured, Contractors. 

Further, we talked about the process of actually Staging the Home to sell and I very happily quipped, “94% our Staged Homes routinely are under contract within the first 6 weeks and many are within the first 2 weeks, if not days.”  and then she hit me…..

Well, that sounds wonderful but I’d like to also think that the Sellers have something to do with those statistics…  Sellers who Stage their homes are just SMARTER.”   She went on to say, “People who Stage their homes are READY TO SELL their homes and will price it right and present it properly.”

Needless to say, a smile crossed my face from ear-to-ear: she was right.  


If you’re in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas and ready to to speak with a Professional Home Stager that is the ONLY Design Company in Southern CA endorsed by Pottery Barn; call us, we’ll be happy to help you prepare your home and package it to appeal to the buyers in YOUR target market. 

Platinum Home Staging, Inc. (805) 553-9952

Proud RESA-Pro Home Stager

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