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“Excuse Me, But When Is Trash Day?”

July 6, 2010

It seems like a trivial question, but it is one that needs to be asked.

Why?  What does that have to do with Selling my Ventura County Home?” – for several reasons, here are just a few to consider and I am quite sure these will ring a bell in more than just a few situations.

Trash pick-up day obviously varies from city to city, but it also varies from street to street even in the same neighborhood.  In the neighborhood where I reside, trash day takes place on Friday, but 2 streets away, it takes place on Thursdays.  OH – Realtor Caravans are scheduled on Thursdays for this area; so there might be a back-up for parking because of the trash cans.

However, if there is a National or Government Holiday, those days get bumped back a day, so my trash day is now on Saturday; not Friday…. OH – you scheduled my Open House on Saturday?  Well then there will not be ample parking  and our now beautiful tree lined street will be color coded by waste cans and large green trash trucks – see where I’m going with this?

When is trash day in your nieghborhood?

A few other details to consider WHY trash day can be HUGE factor to take into consideration:

  • There is nothing worse than finding out on the day your Open House was scheduled that it is also trash day and the street once thought of as having  “ample parking” is now congested with trash cans and large dump bins. NOT the best first impression for Buyers to your neighborhood or street.
  • Narrow, curvy or one-way streets:  Here in Southern CA, we have some areas with VERY narrow streets, parking on only one side, one-way etc. ADD the factor of trash bins and those huge waste management trucks into the scenario and you have a recipe for damage disaster. 
  • You thought parking “might be an issue” already? Now compound that with all of the above mentioned.
  • Moving IN / OUT or yes, STAGING!   Ever try to navigate a 17′ Staging truck, a 23′ Moving truck of furniture, three Garbage trucks AND the regular traffic and parking of the “quaint neighborhood street” all within the same day?  It can be quite chaotic and for moving (or Staging) purposes can double the amount of time required if these trucks continually need to be moved to accommodate the trash trucks if necessary.

It may seem like a trivial question; but it IS one that we will be asking.

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