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But is Your Home Stager Still in Business?

July 12, 2010

So you have used a Home Stager in the past, That’s GREAT!  But are they still in business?

In recent weeks our Company has been in contact with MANY Realtors in the Ventura and Los Angeles County areas and we are thrilled to hear that so many of them have used a Home Stager in the past.  But what about the present?

Since Platinum Home Staging, Inc. networks with many other Home Stagers  and Companies ourselves; during the course of conversation we would often inquire, “That’s fantastic that you have used a Stager before.  Do you mind if we ask what Company that was?”   (We always like to know that our Co-Workers are doing well) 

However, the question was consistently answered with, “Ummmmmmmm……..” they couldn’t remember who or what Company it was that they had used!!!! 

Obviously, this is very concerning and leads us to belive one of two things:

  1. If they were THAT FORGETTABLE, then it’s time to partner with a new Home Staging Company.
  2. If it’s been THAT LONG since you’ve used them, are they still even in business?


Pondering Option #1 explains itself.  You were obviously so unmoved by either their  (un)professionalism, customer service or staging abilities that you’ve deleted them out of your mental rolodex.  Which brings us to Option #2 that  begs us to ask if the Home Stager you used in the past is still in business today.  So many individuals jumped onto the  band-wagon under the false pretenses of easy work and quick money on their own schedule with little to no investment – that they soon realized being a Home Stager involves HARD WORK and running your own Company that a majority of  “home stagers”  from the past are NOT in business today.  Here are a few quick tips to consider when partnering with a Professional Home Stager in the greater Ventura and Los Angeles areas:

Probably the easiest and most important aspect to look for the RESA-Pro Logo.  


Awarded through the Real Estate Staging Association, Home Stagers who have earned the RESA-Pro designation have had to provide documentation that they:

  • Have been in business for over 1 year
  • That Home Staging is their primary business, not their “hobby”
  • Have passed a strict Code of Ethics examination and must re-test continually
  • Are Licensed and Fully Insured with workers Comp. and General Liability Insurance
  • Are dedicated to continuing education to remain current with Real Estate, business, marketing and decor trends. 

If you are located in the Ventura or Los Angeles County areas and would like to speak to a Professional Home Stager who has been successfully Staging Homes for over 9 years: call the ONLY Interior Design Company in Southern CA that is endorsed by Pottery BarnPlatinum Home Staging, Inc.  805.553.9952

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