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A Lake-Side Interior Design Project: 15 years in the Making

July 27, 2010

OK, so the Interior Design itself did NOT take 15 years to complete; it took the Home Owners 15 years to decide to finally call a Professional Interior Decor Company to help them make their lake-side house into the home they always wanted.  The entire process from the very first meeting to complete installation only took  a few short weeks.

When we were called to transform this room, we were amazed at the beautiful view this home had of the lake just steps away from the home, but the room was very drab, dark and cluttered.  The Home Owners had offered their house up to film a TV Pilot and this was how the production company had decorated it (paint color, drapes, etc) and since these Owners admittedly have a VERY hard time making decisions when it comes to decorating, they felt “any change was a good change.” 

They came to us wanting a new and fresh perspective.  To bring the outdoors in, brighten the room and infuse some color; but the biggest design delima was that they wanted to bring a little bit of a Contemporary feel to an otherwise older and traditional home.  

Before Platinum Home StagingAfter Platinum Home Staging

The drab colors of the production company pilot made everything feel “dark” and only painting up to the crown molding cut the room down making it feel smaller.  The new blue paint brightened the space and bringing the color above the crown molding and up to the vaulted ceilings  raises the roof and brings the eye “up” giving it a more open and airy feeling.  New drapes, pillows, rug & a mirror found in their storage room reflects the color across the room from….

Before Platinum Home StagingPlatinum Home Staging, Inc.

… the ACCENT WALL!  The Home Owners wanted a touch of contemporary brought into their home and they were not afraid of color.  This deep plum was selected to go on one wall of the room to give it that “WOW” factor.  Bringing the TV across the room and mounting it on the wall freed up much needed floor space and the new media unit gives lots of storage for the electronics.  Again, bringing the color all the way up the to ceiling line gives the room a taller feeling and two new swivel chairs gives extra seeting for guests to enjoy a glass of wine and chat, turn to watch the TV or swivel around to enjoy the view of…..

Before Platinum Home StagingPlatinum Home Staging, Inc.

…. the LAKE!   Before the sofa had its back to the amazing view; only facing the fireplace and the TV which was shoved into the corner at an odd angle.  NOW, an amazing set of French Doors were installed to access the outdoor patio.  Separate side lites were selected to allow the lake shore breezes to waft through the room without letting the pesky bugs in.  Redirecting the focal points of the room (such as the wall mounted TV) allows EVERY guest to enjoy EVERY focal point of the room: the patio, the lake, the TV and….

Before Platinum Home StagingPlatinum Home Staging, Inc.

…. the FIRE PLACE!  This behemoth of a fire place and mantle was loved, but neglected, and the home owners had no idea what to do with it.  It is the main heat source for this lake side home, had the original brass vents, accents and hardware but the brick and river rock hearth was doing nothing for the aesthetics but collecting dust. A beautiful slab of SLATE was selected, custom cut and installed to give this classic mantle a clean, sleek, but still natural look.

If you live in the Ventura or Los Angeles County areas and your home is in need of a Designer make-over without a high priced “designer” budget, call the ONLY Preferred Interior Design Company in Southern CA that is endorsed by Pottery BarnPlatinum Home Staging, Inc.

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