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Home Staging Los Angeles – Sometimes COLOR Happens…

August 29, 2010

… a NEW color that it is.  A GOOD color that I never would have thought of… and quite frankly never planned on using.  Yet somehow it was destiny and all fell into place. Initially Our Home Staging plan was to on use plum as the accent color for Staging this Sherman Oaks home, because I was told by my furniture vendor that the sofas (which I had never used before) were plum.  Soooo I went out and bought some beautiful plum bedding for the Master Bedroom, some fabulous plum pillows for the kids beds, etc but then when I went to my rug Vendor to select the “just right” area rug for this Home Staging, I selected a RUST rug to pop off of my PLUM sofas….

So then I realized on my way to the Staging that we needed a few more bed pillows (we’re completely out) so I stop by a store on the way…. and find a fabulous RUST bed set,  and then beautiful RUST pillows and some amazing RUST towels….. see where I’m going with this?

Home Staging Picture

BTW – the sofa was NOT PLUM – it was BROWN!

Home Staging Picture

Home Staging Picture

Amazingly though, the outdoor furniture set and rug I had just bought the day before for this Staging were RUST – and as desinty would have it…. the umbrella which I THOUGHT was BEIGE when I bought it, was – you guessed it – RUST.

Home Staging Picture

Sometimes things just fall into place for a reason.  As we were Staging this lovely Sherman Oaks Home an Realtor and his Buyers toured the home and couldn’t stop raving about how much they loved it.  We’re crossing fingers for a quick sale on this one too!

Home Staging Picture



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