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Owner Occupied Home Staging Should NOT Mean, “Get Rid of Everything”

September 24, 2010

Sometimes Home Owners when preparing their Los Angeles home for sale get overwhelmed by the daunting task of “packing”, “decluttering”, “de-personalizing” and cleaning their homes that they hit a mental brick wall: and STOP.  Then it seems like such a monumental task that they paralyze themselves at the very thought of even selling their home.

These Home Owners were no different and were having a very hard time differentiating between what they need to purge and what needed to remain.  In fact, the Owners actually wanted to go out and BUY MORE “STUFF” to make their home beautiful – except that they already had GREAT things.  They finally called my Company and within 24 hours we met with them, had a detailed plan of action and a relatively small “to-do” list for them to address. 1 week later, our Team of Home Staging Professionals descended upon the house and transformed it from top-to-bottom in just 1 day!

Here are a few before and after photos of this Owner Occupied Home Staging in Chatsworth, CA

Chatsworth Home Staging   Chatsworth Home Staging

My Company brought in a new large sectional to anchor this large entertaining room as all the smaller scaled, pieces left the room feeling “choppy”.  A large leaning mirror was brought in from another room to reflect the light and careful editing of accessories now make the room elegant and inviting.

Chatsworth Home Staging   Chatsworth Home Staging

The leather pieces did not fit the space at all: functionally or otherwise and made the room feel dark even if it was not.  The sofa and love seat were relocated to this area (from picture set #1) a handsome new coffee table/tray set and area rug were brought in by Platinum Home Staging and the pops of blue reflect the pool just outside the windows flooding the room with light.

Chatsworth Home Staging   Chatsworth Home Staging

These two before and after pictures of this Chatsworth Home Staging Speaks volumes.  This Master Bathroom was beautiful, but it couldn’t be seen behind the accumulation of personal items.  Now it is a SPA bathroom that EVERY Buyer will want ~ & it’s that the point 😉

Platinum Home Staging, Inc.   Platinum Home Staging, Inc.

So often we hear that a home “doesn’t need” Staging.  Here is a great example of how My Company saved this Home Owner hundreds of dollars by calling a Professional Home Staging Company.  The two nightstands had been separated  into different areas of the home, we brought them back together as a pair. Remade the bed with some homey touches and more great accessories and artwork the home owner already had in various other places of the home.  This is now a Guest Bedroom that Buyers will be able to relate to. 

Happily Staging Homes for over 10 years! If you are located in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas and would like call the ONLY Home Staging and Interior Design Company in Southern CA that is endorsed by Pottery Barn, then call  Platinum Home Staging, Inc.  805.553.9952 for your FREE Home Staging estimate.

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