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Staging Can Be For LIVING To!

November 14, 2010

My Company was recently contacted by gentleman who was in desperate need of setting up a new new home for himself and his 2 young daughters. He was referred to us by a Realtor Friend who had recently used our services to Stage a Topanga Canyon home for sale.  Knowing how quickly we were able to respond to her and the excellent service she had received to Stage her listing; she suggested that he contact us to Stage his home to LIVE.

Contacted on a Thursday morning; we heard his plight and agreed to meet later that same evening.

Platinum Home Staging

Yep – not a single piece of furniture. We needed to provide it all: AND FAST!

By Friday morning the game plan was in place; by Monday morning the “Furniture Fairies” had arrived.

Platinum Home Staging, Inc.

By Monday afternoon, the house was Staged to LIVEbefore the daughters came home from school!  The Furniture Fairies turned this house into a home!

Platinum Home Staging Woodland Hills

Platinum Home Staging Woodland Hills

One of the Daughters Rooms: She picked out her new bedding, Platinum Home Staging, Inc. made it work!

Platinum Home Staging Woodland Hills

For the protection of you, and your investment, Platinum Home Staging, Inc. is FULLY Licensed and Insured. Home Staging estimates are always FREE ~ call us today at (805) 553-9952  Platinum Home Staging, Inc. has been successfully Staging Homes in the Ventura and Los Angeles County areas for over 9 years and is the ONLY Interior Design Company in Southern CA that is endorsed by Pottery Barn.

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