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Contractors Smoking in Your House is Simply Unacceptable

December 9, 2010

Not Exceptable to Smoke in the Home

The above picture was  NOT  photo-shopped, but taken on a job site of a Client’s home where Platinum Home Staging, Inc.  has been brought in to “save the day”.  You see, these Home Owners thought they would save a little money by not hiring a Professional to help over see the Interior Remodel of their newly purchased home.  They instead hired a “contractor” and felt that they would save a lot of money by overseeing the project themselves.  This “contractor” does not warrant a capital  “C”  in our humble opinion by what his company, sub-contractors and tradespeople have done to this couple and their beautiful Hidden Valley home.

Even if you are a smoker yourself;  NEVER should anyone you hire EVER be smoking in your home at ANY time unless you’ve offered them a cigar and good glass of cognac. The above pictures show a level of complete disregard and unprofessionalism that, if we were overseeing this project, would have had the offender fired and off of the project on the spot.  Beleive it or not; there were SO many issues with this “contractor” that the Home Owner felt that, “…this was the least of their worries.” 

MANY more blogs will follow regarding these very issues and why it is imperative to have a Professional assist you with the remodel, design and CARE for your home.  Our Professionals are fully licensed and insured and will not only walk you through the entire remodeling process, but will be constantly looking out for your home and assets.  Call us today to schedule your appointment at (805) 553~9952.   Platinum Home Staging & Interior Design

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  1. December 10, 2010 7:14 am

    This. Is. Disgusting!

    It amazes me what passes for research on a contractor before they get hired. One call? A neighbor’s recommendation? A hunch?

    I’m so glad you are around to help this client fire the contractor and clean up their act!

    Much better than this contractor ‘firing’ the house up with their blatant disregard for safety and cleanliness. Yuck.


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