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“Custom Ordered Cabinets” Does NOT Mean “Custom Made Cabinets”

December 16, 2010

Custom Cabinets?

What you are looking at is the view from under a corner-cabinet installation.   In this case the “contractor” sold the Home Owners on the fact that they were going to get  “… a completely redesigned kitchen with ‘custom made’ cabinets….”  Needs less to say what they GOT for the “…get what you pay for…”  bid were   Made in Ch*na  modular cabinets and THIS is what his crew did to accommodate the fact that the modular cabinets;  with their predetermined size, depth & dimensions didn’t actually “fit” the space.  They lost ALL this valuable storage space for dishes/glass/etc – and this was only ONE corner.  This “contractor” also installed 2″ – 4″ spacers between almost EVERY modular unit and tried to explain to the Home Owners that they were “decorative elements” – that’s a LOT of wasted & unusable storage space.

This is part of an on-going series concerning contractors who over-sell their services, Home Owners not doing reference checks and what can happen by not hiring a Professional Designer to protect you and your investments.  Unfortunately, these Home Owners did not have the experience to know how things SHOULD be done, or to recognize when things have been done WRONG.

More blogs will follow regarding these very issues and why it is imperative to have a Professional assist you with the remodel, design and CARE for your home.  Our Professionals are fully licensed and insured and will not only walk you through the entire remodeling process, but will be constantly looking out for your home and assets.  Call us today to schedule your appointment at (805) 553~9952.   Platinum Home Staging & Interior Design

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