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Are You Going to Hire a Home Stager? Here Are Some Points to Consider

November 29, 2011
Something most Home Owners and Realtors may not be aware of, is that there is not an independent or national oversight organization such as NAR for Realtors, that certifies or licenses Home Stagers. There ARE member based organizations which enforce a strict Code of Ethics for its members and communities such as the Real Estate Staging Association. That being said, here are few questions that will help you to choose the RIGHT Home Stager for you.

1. Find a Stager with the most experience in actually Staging homes: There are many training, “certifying” and “accrediting” companies which, within just a few days, or a couple weeks, can turn anyone who takes their course into a “certified” or “accredited” home stager. Since there is not currently any government or oversight, ANYONE can “become a stager” almost overnight. Don’t hire just any home stager; Experience and professionalism trumps “certification”.

2. Do they have a valid business license and are they insured? If the Home Stager you are considering to hire is NOT insured you are putting yourself, your investment, your home (and/or your Client Home Owner) at SERIOUS RISK. Just think; what happens if:
*…your home stager or someone they hire throws out their back while moving a couch and they are not insured; YOU COULD BE LIABLE for their injuries

*…your home stager scratches your newly refinished wood floors while moving a chair and are not insured; YOU’RE OUT OF LUCK

*…if a potential Buyer trips over the edge of a curled up area rug and twists their ankle and your home stager is NOT insured; YOU COULD BE HELD LIABLE

We take the protection of you and your Clients VERY seriously because we are RESA-Pro professionals who have been Staging Homes for over 10 years. Platinum Home Staging, Inc. is FULLY Insured with General Liability, Workers Compensation as well as Owned and Hired Auto Insurance.

3. Does the Stager have a printed portfolio or website with before and after photography? If they don’t have a current staging portfolio, they may have never done a staging job, or very few. If they have a website, you need to get past the first page. In other words; make sure that their portfolio contains photos that are of their own work. Not of stock photography purchased over the Internet, supplied by the “certifying” training course or shared before and after photos in a centralized web-site. Does their website have current information on recently staged properties or successes in today’s market and economy?

4. Do they offer a range of Staging options and styles, or is it “one-style-fits-all”. An experienced and professional Home Stager should have the resources to transition their staging to the style of the HOME and the market demographics in your area to target the Buyers in your area.

5. Ask for references, and then check those references. When did they work with the Stager? Were they pleased with the results? How soon did the property sell? Would they hire that stager again? And ask for more than just one professional reference: Home Owner, Realtor, Developer, etc
Once you have done your due diligence, you’ll be able to make the confident decision that you have chosen the right Home Stager. Platinum Home Staging, Inc. has been successfully Staging Homes in the Ventura and Los Angeles County areas for over 10 years.  Call us today for your FREE Home Staging estimate. (818) 878-9936


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