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::: Don’t Make Buyers Hit a Brick Wall :::

December 9, 2011

Often times when you enter a property and open the front door to a home or condo there is typically an “entry” area. The area that welcomes Potential Buyers. This area is the first impression of the interior of the home and can make or break those crucial “15 seconds” to make an impact  on the Buyer.  Some homes might have wide open spaces, grand stair cases and vaulted ceilings; while others others may have low ceilings and closed in entries. Regardless: the first “15 seconds” when a Buyer or Buyers Agent enters your home is critical. For nearly 3 YEARS This was what welcomed Buyers and Agents in this home…

This is what Potential Buyers and Realtors saw IMMEDIATELY as they entered this beautiful ranch home: a cold, white, painted brick wall. It is actually the side of a double sided fireplace that splits the massive living space nearly in half. However, as one enters this home there were no walls to place a small table, standard eight foot ceilings and a smaller round table would have just stopped you at the door: not very welcoming. We couldn’t exactly ignore this big white elephant in the room either. The solution:


Platinum Home Staging embraced it and made it as if it were meant-to-be. The brick wall became the  “welcome pad” – our entry if you will. With a large color washed painting, textural elements and a touch of sparkle; Buyers and Agents were welcomed in with bright colors and a vision of the potential of what the home had to offer.   Buyers no longer hit a brick wall, when they enter the home!

So after 3 YEARS of being on the market and multiple price reductions: this house SOLD in the first 2 weeks of being Staged – to the VERY FIRST BUYER who entered the home.   The only regrets the Seller had to Staging???? “…Not doing it sooner!”

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