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Putting the Glam Back Into This Hollywood Home Staging

April 17, 2012

This Hollywood Hills house has million dollar views of downtown and would be perfect for the working Professional or Couple who wants to be close to the “action” of Sunset Blvd Nightlife.  Platinum Home Staging, Inc. made this a fantastic entertaining space highlighting the views and retractable widow / walls and showed Buyers how the long living room could have conversation areas without anyone feeling separated from the crowd.

We are also extremely happy to report that we Team was notified today (May 4, 2012) that this house is already in escrow and due to close within the next couple weeks! Here are a few before and after pictures of this Hollywood Hills Home Staging and you’ll see how  we brought the glam Hollywood lifestyle back into the empty shell of the home.

We’ve said it many times; Home Staging is far more than just placing random furniture into an empty house or room.  The results were nothing short of spectacular.  Platinum Home Staging has been Staging Homes in the greater Los Angeles and Ventura County areas for over 10 years.  If you are located in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas and are ready to sell your home or listing, contact Platinum Home Staging, Inc. for your free Home Staging estimate. (818) 878-9936

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Woodland Hills Home Staging Transforms a Blank Space

April 7, 2012

This sprawling ranch style home in Woodland Hills, CA is in a highly sought after community within walking distance of major shopping malls and just miles from Malibu beaches.  But as a VACANT home, the Investment Company knew that they had to step up their game and had just used the services of Platinum Home Staging on two other properties which received ALL CASH, FULL PRICE offers within just days of Staging and listing on the MLS….. so they called us in to work our magic on this property as well.

The results were nothing short of amazing and this property went into escrow just 3 weeks after listing.  Here are a few before and after pictures of this Woodland Hills Home Staging and you’ll see how Home Staging can make a world of difference.



If you are located in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas and are ready to sell your home or listing, contact Platinum Home Staging, Inc. for your free Home Staging estimate. (818) 878-9936
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Home Staging Gets it Under Contract in less than 1 week!

March 27, 2012

Sometimes Sellers or Investors are leery if Home Staging is worth the cost when the home they are selling is smaller in size or in Selling Price Point.  However, when it comes to present the home to prospective BUYERS, smaller sized rooms can leave them with the perception that their furniture or lifestyle simply won’t “fit” into the smaller spaces.  Home Staging can actually make small spaces seam and feel BIGGER when the proper scaled furniture and placement is utilized.

This Los Angeles home is only 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and one main living space.  You can see from the before and after photographs how  Home Staging not only made it a warm and inviting home, but it was SO well received that the new Buyers are interested in buying all the furniture as well.  Win, Win, Win all the way around!




If you are located in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas and are ready to sell your home or listing, contact Platinum Home Staging, Inc. for your free Home Staging estimate. (818) 878-9936
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Realtors: How to Over Come Stage(r) Fright

February 11, 2012

Recently I had a very frank phone call with a local Realtor Friend whom does a large volume in our Stage Frightarea and we often “bounce” ideas off each other in regards to business, marketing, blogging, etc.  Even though we speak frequently, I asked him point blank during the conversation, “Since you know all the benefits of my Industry (Home Staging) why is it that you’ve never used one?”  His reply was simply, “…because some Home Owners get offended when you tell them their house looks like cr*p.”

We both shared a good laugh but this was an “ah-HA!” moment for me.  Here was a Realtor who BELIEVES  that presenting a home properly is imperative, who KNOWS the benefits of Home Staging, who even WANTS  to get all his listings staged, even if only to declutter – he just needed some help in the delivery.

To help him, and the rest of the Realtors who might be suffering from Stage-r Fright; here are some problem solving sollutions to ensure you are in the spotlight and on cue.


The CaCurtain Callsting Call: Make them want you as their Leading “Actor” (Realtor) from the very first casting call (Interview).  You’ve come with your marketing plan, your script if you will, and you’re ready to knock their socks off with all the things that you will do to make their home a block-buster.

Called to Read:  By letting them know up-front in the first meeting that Home Staging IS a service that you provide, they will ALREADY BE OPEN to the idea of a Stager coming into their home, and will actually expect it!  By adding the services of a Professional Home Stager to your repartee you will stand out immediately as being up-to-date in marketing. You are immediately setting the Stage that your Home Stager will come in, spend time with them and walk them through their house with an unbiased view about how their home, in it’s current state, will be perceived and viewed by potential Buyers.

The Call Back:  They want YOU as their Leading Actor/Actress; you’ve landed the listing – er Lead Role – you’re ready to hit your mark, but before you’ve memorized your lines, THIS is when you call your Home Stager and ask them to be your support when going into rehearsals.


Curtain Call:    TELL your Stager about the project, TELL your Stager about the Audience (Home Owners) make them your PARTNER (or “bad guy”) in the story line of what YOU need to have addressed.  (e.g. too much clutter, pet odors, wall paper, lighting/upgrades, etc.)  Let the Stager take the role of Supporting Actor on YOUR stage.

The Professional Home Stager will dance through the home with your Home Owners, singing a happy tune about what/where/how the home will be able to be presented in it’s best possible “spot” light.  Well, maybe not dance, but you get the idea.  Going from room-to-room, Act 1, 2, 3 (and maybe 4 or 5) the Home Stager will allow you to still be the Staring role but support your every move.  From a simple walk through to de-clutter and packing to completely furnishing an empty stage (home) the Experienced Stager will be able to talk with your Home Owner about:


  • WHY their floral wall paper and country quilt should probably be adjusted and new bedding purchased. 
  • About WHY their zebra striped rug and cheetah sofa probably would not show well in the Internet marketing photography.
  • About WHY it would be better that their collection of dolls from around the world would only be a major distraction for any young child who might be present with their parents while touring this lovely family home (and might get damaged/stolen in the process)


Throwing RosesENCORE! ENCORE!:  OK, your Sellers might not literally shower you in rose petals – but what they will believe is that you are a STAR and your performance was Oscar Worthy.  They will REFER YOU to all their family and friends, co-workers and neighbors.

The gist of this post is that by partnering with a Professional and Experienced Home Stager  in your area you will be adding a vital key component to your Team and allows for the Stager to be  able to correctly approach delicate subjects that maybe you are not comfortable in addressing directly yourself; without up-staging you.

If you are an Agent, Realtor or Broker in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas, call Platinum Home Staging, Inc. ~ We’ll make sure your Seller’s HOME is ready for it’s “close up”.  If outside of Southern CA, check the Real Estate Staging Association  (RESA) website for qualified referrals in your area.


PLEASE, Please, PLEASE: Read This Before you Hire a Home Stager!

February 10, 2012

Our hearts sank as we received a call yesterday from a Potential Client that we had met with earlier last week. On the other end of the phone she was SOBBING, and asking if we could come “fix” what another Company had done to “stage” her parent’s Los Angeles condo.  They had never used a Stager before and although she had wanted to hire our Company, other family members based their decision purely on the COST.

What had been “done” as a Staging can only be best described as a hodge-podge of mismatched chairs, furniture that was far too small in scale for the space and mis-used pieces simple to “fill” the space.  For example: using a 5’x8′ rug in the main living space that really required minimally an 8’x10′ rug – if not larger – and then used a tiny end table as a coffee table in front of the love-seat (which really should have been a larger scaled sofa or sectional)  So upon first impression of entering the beautifully upgraded condo was what only could be described as “doll furniture” placed in the large living space.  Accessories were sparse at best, bar stools were placed where they blocked hallways, the list goes on…. and it was only passed off as “electic chic” from this random “staging” company.  (Note: We have been Staging in the Los Angeles area for over 10 years and had never heard of this other company)

unfortunately, we could NOT help her as they had already entered into a contract with this other Company and she realized that the money they thought they were saving by going with the lowest bid was now potentially going to cost then much, MUCH more by trying to get out of the contract and now hire us, or just “live with it” and hope for the best.

This is purely a case of  BUYER BEWARE!

Before you hire ANY Staging Company in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas you need to do your homework.  Ask for references and CHECK those references, look closely at their website – at the very least you should also READ THIS BLOG about what to ask a Home Stager before you hire them.

 Platinum Home Staging, Inc. has been successfully Staging Homes in the Ventura and Los Angeles County areas for over 10 years.  For the protection of you, and your investment, Platinum Home Staging, Inc. is FULLY Licensed and Insured.

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Home Staging estimates are always FREE ~ call us today at (818) 878-9936 

Open Floor Plan in Wood Ranch Sets the Stage

January 31, 2012

This amazing family home in Wood Ranch boasts 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths, high ceilings, a highly desirable open floor plan and travertine floors.  What it also boasted were bold colors, echos of footsteps and confused buyers asking,  “Where do I put my couch?”  This is when Staging your home or listing is imperative to get it sold faster and dispel any questions that Buyers might have, before they have them!

The Open Floor Plan concept seems to be what every Buyer is asking for. However, when they actually see and walk through a home which has one, the Buyer rarely can envision how the space will work for daily living.  Staging SHOWS the Buyer where everything fits and helps them SEE how their furniture will work.

Staging also eases the mind of the Buyer when a home features walls of bold color.  Often times if it is OVER the top, a Professional Stager will suggest to paint with a more neutral pallet.  This deep red however WORKED for the home and floor plan therefore the Staging brought it down into perspective and into a dramatic statement, rather than a hinderance that Buyers might shy away from.  The pops of red were then brought into the other living spaces to keep the Buyers eye moving.

If you are located in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas and are ready to sell your home or listing, contact Platinum Home Staging, Inc. for your free Home Staging estimate. (818) 878-9936
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Home Staging Set It Straight

January 25, 2012



Do you see what we saw? Those walls and awkward angles?  This isn’t tick-of-the-eye photography; those walls truly are NOT straight. In fact this Hollywood Hills home had very few 90 degree angles in the floorplan due to the awkward lot on which it was built many years ago.  While it is an lovely home and has amazing views, the floorplan even left the investor a little stumped – let alone Buyers…  So our Home Staging Professionals were called in and we set it all straight.


In the dining room, a standard rectangular table would have only accented the fact that the room was shaped like a trapizoid, so we used a round dining table to keep the flow moving through the space.  The all glass table and chrome and leather chairs added sparkle to the space as well to the views from the picture windows were the focus, not the awkward angles.  In the Family Room the furniture sets the room straight and shows Buyers how all of the off-angled walls are NOT a hinderence to how they can live in the space.

The beauitful king bed in the Master Bedroom anchored the room to emphasize the size of the space and how wonderful it could be to live and sleep there. Rather than have Buyers focus on the different angles of the walls.

Platinum Home Staging, Inc. has been successfully Staging Homes in the Ventura and Los Angeles County areas for over 10 years.  Home Staging estimates are always FREE ~ call us today at (818) 878-9936

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